Where are our services available?

We are happy to be as available and convenient to our clients as possible.  Therefore, we arrange appointments through SKYPE, instant messaging, telephone, and of course in person sessions where possible.

What do we charge for our services?

As Life Change Church is a  501(C)3 NON PROFIT, there is no charge for Wisdom From The Word services. Suggested donations for services rendered are gratefully accepted, however.

Biblical Coaching/Counseling

 Coming alongside a person to help them discover God’s will for their life.  God’s will is founded in His word.  His desire for us never violates His word.  The  Wisdom From The Word coaching and counseling ministry makes an investment in people’s lives.  it does so by, helping them see and understand God’s directions, while encouraging them to personally respond to, (as they engage themselves in), God’s word and its application to their life situation.

Wisdom From The Word

Who are we here to serve

- Those who may or may not have a relationship with Christ but are wondering if He can make a difference in their life.  They may have heard about God and while not committed to Him want to explore if He has something to help them in their life journey.

-Those who have a relationship with God but are struggling to see how that relationship can make a consistent difference in how they live.

-Those who love and follow Christ, but have areas in their life where they are "stuck" and need to work through, such as habits unpleasing to God, forgiveness issues, whatever.

Our Services